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Call me Vee.


Founding CEO of Compendium Medicine.

From doctor to global change maker.

As a student, I had a massive stack of medical books. Surprisingly, my friends in different cities had equally impressive stacks, but with completely different study materials. It made me question why there are varying materials across universities in the Netherlands. Why are we all working on our own island?

Even as a doctor, I encountered this isolated mindset everywhere. Instead of seeking existing solutions, we tend to establish new committees on our own islands. But if we want to provide the best care, it's crucial to collaborate and ask for help. Time for a different approach. 


Bringing Healthcare Together

What if, from today, we would all start working together? Creating one compendium, in one language. Imagine all the time we would save, and how much more efficient we would be.

With Compendium Medicine we've united the most important medical knowledge in 35 specialties, all presented in the same way. Our method consists of using comprehensible illustrations for every medical condition, straightforward tables and many illustrations. It is visual, concise and to-the-point so you are able to memorise the study material more easily.


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"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
- African proverb

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Think big, start small

As a skilled public speaker, I am here to guide you in uncovering your unique strengths and delegating the tasks that don't resonate with you.

Through my engaging talks, I provide valuable insights, and also foster connections among the audience. Why spend countless hours trying to figure out everything on your own when you can tap into the resources and expertise around you?


Let's create 10/10 days, where each and every moment is dedicated to fulfilling the tasks that initially motivated you to pursue your professional career.


Looking for a speaker for your event, want to schedule a consultation or have another request/question? Please leave your details below or email me at

Thank you for your message!

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